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BMS Cata-Roller
  • 26" long, 6" wide, 3.5" high (4 roller unit)
  • 13.5" long,6" wide, 3.5" high (2 roller unit
  • 6lbs. (4 roller unit),
  • 3lbs. (2 roller unit)

     The Cata-Roller is a jointed edge and roof roller designed to be sturdy enough to work well as a hose roller for fire fighters but light enough to function as a rope roller or edge protector for high-angle rescue teams. Unlike all other roller systems, the Cata-Roller extends the rollers above the side plates making wide loads (ie; litters) much easier to pass over the Cata-Roller.
     When inverted, the Cata-Roller can be placed under backboards, litters, etc. to greatly reduce the effort of moving loads up to 600 lbs. This can make a big difference in pipe, sewer, and confined space extrications.
     The Cata-Roller is available in both two and four roller units along with a double ball-lock pin assembly for easy coupling of multiple units when needed.

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Last update July 31, 1999