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BMS Rescue Racks
       BMS Rescue-Racks are designed for the professional rope rescue user. Constructed entirely of high strength stainless steel these racks standup to the harshest of conditions. The closed frame yields a device many times stronger than it's open frame counterparts and the extra heavy tubular stainless steel bars stand up to severe abrasion. These characteristics yield a descent control device with a service life many times longer than their competitors.

       Offered in two frame lengths with either four or six bars, both of which easily accommodate two 1/2" ropes. Top bars are of the double hyper-bar design which provides added load control options and simple and secure lock offs for either 1 or 2 ropes allowing independent control over both ropes. A slight variation on the 4 bar Rescue-Rack uses a second double hyper-bar in place of the third bar. This allows the operator to add extra wraps around the hyper-bars to increase friction to maintain control under demanding rescue conditions. All models are easily locked off by passing a bight of rope through the frame and looping it over the hyper-bar

  • Easy Lock-off with Double Hyper-bar
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Frame Strength: 20,000 lbs Plus
Exceeds all applicable NFPA SPECS
  • Double 1/2" Rope Capacity
  • 6 Bar: 13x 5x .75 (330 x 127 x 19 mm)
  • 4 Bar: 10x 5x .75 (254 x 127 x 19 mm)
  • 6 Bar: 31.1 oz.(886g)
  • 4 Bar: 23.1 oz.(658g)
  • 4 Bar w/Dual Dbl. Hyper-Bar: 26.4 oz.(750g)
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