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BMS Rope-Hauler
     The Rope-Hauler is a manually operated device which allows the operator to easily raise and lower up to 600 lbs. Careful attention to material selection and fabrication have yielded a compact and trouble-free device usable in almost any environment.
     Designed for maximum flexibility, the Rope-Hauler combines in one device functions of raising, lowering, belaying, and securing rope as well as providing a central anchor point for other devices when properly secured from the many rigging points designed into the Rope-Hauler.

The Rope-Hauler is composed of three main assemblies, a description of which follows:
Self-Tailing Winch

     A time-tested device from the marine industry, allowing a rope to be winched in and subsequently let out under load with a high degree of both control and sensitivity to changes in the load.
     When the easily removed floating crank is turned in a counter-clockwise direction, internal gearing rotates the winch drum, drawing the rope into the rope-hauler. Reversing the direction of the handle provides a ratcheting function that is invaluable when the Rope-Hauler is used in a confined space or when "pumping" motion is desired.
     Made of corrosion-resistant materials and utilizing oversize stainless steel roller bearings, these winches are trouble-free and very easy to service.

     Designed to direct rope onto the drum of the winch at the proper angle, allowing increased flexibility in rigging by eliminating the need for exact alignment of the Rope-Hauler with the load. Features four self-lubricating nylon rollers with stainless steel axles. The top one is easily removed to allow the rope to be inserted and then is locked in place using a tethered stainless steel ball lock pin.

     Made from an anodized 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion, eliminating the statistical possibility of structural failure at welded joints. Eight 3/4" chamfered holes allow for many rigging configurations. Rounded corners eliminate snagging in packs and in use.

Power Ratio:           12:1 Actual, 16:1 Theoretical
Capacity: 600 lbs. Max working load
Rope Size: Adjustable 3/8" through 1/2" diameter
Rope Length: Unlimited (will not pass knots)
Dimensions: 8"w x 10"l x 5"h
Weight: 12 lbs.
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Last update July 31, 1999